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So, you are planning a trip to Israel. Excited right?!

Hundreds of churches, synagogues, ancient palaces, holy sites, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims and Crusaders. Every stone has a thrilling story to tell.
But, as a sommelier I believe "you have to taste a culture to understand it" and especially its wines. And so, I offer you a journey to the Golan Heights during which you can relax, sit back and just taste Israel. A bit less history, much more wine.

The Golan Heights is a truly exciting and fascinating region

with an enchanting, ancient history and picturesque landscapes. Thanks to the cool, unique climate and its volcanic basalt soils, the region is one of the best, most dynamic and renowned wine regions in Israel.

It extends about 44 miles, From the cold, high altitude northern part, in the foothills of Mount Hermon to the hot, ‘Southern France-like’ south that overlooks the Sea of Galilee -
It is a heaven for high-quality wine growing. 

Since biblical times it has been known for its wine industry, like its neighboring region - the Galilee.
Today, thanks to the quality revolution that began in the mid 80’s, it is the home for several boutique wineries...
small, smart, dynamic & authentic family-run wineries, most of them practicing sustainable and organic viticulture.

Join me to experience private tastings with up and coming winemakers themselves, and the opportunity for exclusive tastings from their vats and barrels.   

I Invite You to an unforgettable, intimate wine journey in the Golan Heights. 
You will experience a journey of wines, wineries, vineyards, people, history, and amazing views guided by me,
a local, certified sommelier.  As your private guide, I am more than happy to share my passion,
knowledge and connections with you.

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