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Golan Heights Wine Tour


The Golan Heights is a truly exciting and fascinating region

with an enchanting, ancient history, and picturesque landscapes. Thanks to the cool, unique climate and its volcanic basalt soils, the region is one of the best, most dynamic and renowned wine regions in Israel.


It extends about 44 miles, From the cold, high altitude, northern part in the foothills of Mount Hermon,
to the hot, ‘Southern France-like’ south that overlooks the Sea of Galilee -

It is a heaven for high-quality wine growing. 


Since biblical times it has been known for its wine industry, like its neighboring region – the Galilee.

Today, thanks to the quality revolution that began in the mid 80’s, it is the home for several boutique wineries… small, smart, dynamic & authentic family-run wineries, most of them practicing sustainable and organic viticulture.

Join me to experience private tastings with up and coming winemakers themselves, and the opportunity for exclusive tastings from their vats and barrels. 


The Tour's itinerary usually starts at 9:30 AM, when I pick you up from your location.

The day will include 3 winery visits and 2 special lookout stops.

From north to south, the wineries we are likely to visit include:


Tel Winery

The rising star of the Israeli wine scene! Recently popping on the radar, Lital Ovadia, a young, charming and talented female winemaker is producing wines using grapes only from the northern part of the Golan.

Her wines include whites and reds that are elegant, sharp and crisp, with great depth and fruit concentration. A true hidden gem, Lital’s wines can be very hard to get, and I can make
that connection for you.

Pelter Winery

The winery was established in 2001 by the Pelter Brothers, Nir and Tal. Many Israelis consider Pelter to be the most fun, dynamic and enjoyable
winery to visit and drink.

1,000 meters above sea level, their vineyards offer unique advantages including volcanic basalt soil, a long and cold winter, a dry and mild summer, along with plenty of sunshine throughout the days.
These conditions promise a slow, gentle and ideal maturation of the vines, ensuring complex flavors in the grapes and consistently high- quality wines. The Pelter family also produces amazing goat cheeses from their herd which are an excellent accompaniment to their wines. We will taste these cheeses as well. 

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Mika Winery

Another new and shining female star

in the local wine scene!

Mika Rendel is making outstanding wines in her winery, beneath her magnificently modern yet rustic house in Natur, a small village in the southern Golan.

Her wines are crisp, sharp, terroir driven, intelligent and full of joy, just like Mika herself.

I love her style and I’m honored to offer her wines on my wine lists. From her house and winery, in addition to her wines and hospitality,
you will enjoy an amazing view of the Sea of Galilee.

At around 4:00 PM we will finish the visits and make our way back to your desired drop-off location.

While I’ve provided this suggested itinerary, please note that the day can be customized as you wish, so please don’t hesitate to share your specific interests with me.

*Our vehicles for the tours are a comfortable SUV, or a luxury minibus for larger groups.

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